Sunday, April 19, 2015

Long time no blog!

I got a question/comment on my blog the other day (I responded but let me know if you didn't get it!) and I realized that I haven't updated in forever!

Thing with my right hip have gone amazingly well. In fact, I ran a half marathon 5 months after my surgery! I did have a little achiness and pain for a few days later, but that completely went away. 

Unfortunately I ended up getting FAI surgery on my left hip, too, and that hasn't gone as well as my right hip surgery has. 

I got surgery on my left hip on November 17, 2014. That hip was a little worse off, and needed the labrum to be anchored, and the impingement was a bit worse than the right hip. It's unfortunate bc I know I talked about getting ART done on both hips while healing from my first surgery, and I truly feel like it took care of all pain I had in my left side. But I just felt pressure to get the left side done (NOT from the doctor) and I had a great experience with my right side, so I went for it.

The recovery was pretty similar, I distinctly remember recovery in the hospital particularly was MUCH MUCH better. I was coherent and chatty on the drive home as well. That first week had ups and downs, but eventually it was going well. I had changed PTs and really liked where I was now going, but they took things a lot slower. I really enjoyed my experience with them though, over the previous pt office. 

Except, I probably didn't fully listen to my new PT bc I was a "pro" at this surgery. I had of course gotten back into weight training, and although I mostly did upper body, I started adding in lower body workouts. Probably a bad idea (LISTEN TO YOUR PT!). 

Somewhere along the way I developed something with my hamstring and also my glute region- both on the left side (most recent surgery side). For awhile my hips would get out of alignment, so my PT would put them back in place, and also taught my husband how to do it for me if it happened at home. Eventually that probably was taken care of, but I did manage to develop high hamstring tendonopathy. 

I also have a horrible ache in my "buttcrack" and low back, and pain that radiates down my leg. I have been to countless doctors. I thought that maybe it was a vericose vein problem. Then I thought it was a low spine back problem. Then maybe piriformis. Ugh.  Nothing that seems to be of a relief. 

I finally had a post op about a month ago with my hip doctor, and he suggested getting an ultrasound guided injection in my hamstring and piriformis. So I just did that about a week ago. Keep in mind my hip has been great- just not these secondary issues. 

So the doctor who did the injections said if this doesn't help in the hamstring we can do PRP therapy next. So far my hamstring is so so (better though), but I haven't done a lot to fairly judge. 

As for the piriformis issue- he said if this injection doesn't work- it could be an SI joint issue. Well, the injection hasn't worked a bit in that area. 

In the meantime I go to a chiropractor and she agrees with the SI joint issue. So I call my hip doctor, and he suggests going to a spine color- that I could get an injection in my SI joint. My appointment I on Thursday and I just pray that that doctor agrees and it would work. My hip doctor also said the PRP therapy would be a good suggestion next for my hamstring. I felt really optimistic after talking to him about where to go next. He said these things are likely in relation to my hip surgery, too. 

I'm just so upset about the amount of pain I've been dealing with for the past year, all in the sake of being an active person. And actually, the SI issue just hurts anytime- even if I wasn't active. But it's just frustrating that I want nothing more than to sweat til I earn my shower, and I have limitations. 

All in all- I still don't regret the first surgery, but I totally regret the second one. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Back to running regularly ...

It's been awhile since I've posted! I was just thinking last night I needed to update the blog, bc it's not often you see success stories with FAI type surgeries, and I kind of am one, so I wanted to bring hope to others. 

I think I last mentioned that I started ART with my chiropractor, and I swear by it. First let me say, I went in there with a sharp pain in my left hip, and an achey right hip. But 3 weeks of ART, I felt pretty normal! At that point, I decided to give running a try. My doctor had mentioned I could start around 10 weeks anyways, and I was right at that point. 

I will admit I was really nervous going into it, but I went to my high school track and did 1 lap, paused, another lap, pause, for a total of 1 mile. I felt great!! I did that another time, and eventually added another lap or 1/2 mile. A week later, and me feeling good, I decided to try the 2 mile race I signed up for. I was planning on just walking it, but I decided why not just run it. I did that and while my hips felt fine, my lungs weren't used to running 2 miles nonstop, ha ha. 

Here we are 5 week later, and I just did a 5 mile run a few days ago. During the week I usually do 3 mile runs about three times per week, with a slightly longer run on the weekend that I built up to.

I'll admit I do have bad days every now and then, but it doesn't feel like it used to before surgery, and I almost wonder if I would feel "normal" if I didn't run. However, I'm a runner, so I wouldn't know. :) 

My friend talked me into signing up for a half marathon, which would take place 5 months post op. Except I am not going to push myself. The 5 miles I did were fine, but I know when I get up to maybe 8 or 9 it'd be a different story. I just don't want to make anything worse. So if I waste $100 bucks bc I don't go through with it, so be it. 

I also am debating on whether or not I even want to do the surgery on my right hip this year. I'm leaning towards not, but I don't want to rule it out.

So that's my apdate right now!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

9 weeks out

I'm officially 9 weeks post op, and only 3 more sessions of PT! Really 2 more weeks, but I am going out of town so will only go once next week, and twice the following week. But I will be SO HAPPY to be done with PT. Honestly that's part of the reason I am hesitant to get surgery on my left hip this fall, I am just so so over going to PT. Idk if it's bc my therapist isn't there anymore, or bc I can do everything on my own but still have to pay to make somebody make me do it .... Not sure. But mentally it's exhausting and I'm done with it. 

I did start ART (Active Release Technique) last week... And so far so good. After the first visit I noticed a change for a couple of hours. I had my second visit yesterday and I am feeling a really good sore and no pain. The chiropractors (who do my ART) said I should have no pain after 8ish visits- if it worked. There is usually a good chance of major improvement by then in patients. I'm hopeful. My right (op) hip feels better... my left is just meh though. They think I shouldn't have to get surgery on it, and this technique should work. I'm not holding my breath but I would like that very much. 

I do to for my left hip injection at the hospital on Monday. It's the protocol for surgery, so I figure why not. Plus, I've usually experienced the most pain after being in the car for a period of time, and we are going on a 7 hour trip this week, so it's perfect timing to have it done the day after we get home. 

Also, I would like to try running next week ... Maybe Wednesday or so. I'm going to start with 1 minute on, 1 minute off, for a total of 5 minutes. If it feels okay, do that a few times and add a minute or two for a few more times, etc. I'm sure I will be so out of shape that this will also help to ease back into it, hehe.

I would love to be running, even 1-2 miles (!) at a time when it's volleyball season. I loved doing that last year and felt good and active when I was coaching girls to be active. Even if I have to stop in October for another surgery, it'd be nice to get back into it a little. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Blah feeling

The past probably week or so has been pretty miserable for me. My left non op hip has been screaming at me, and I think it's bc of my trip my columbus for my 6 week post op, and just sitting in the car for a long period of time. I mean, misery. I have been taking either a pain pill or some kind of NSAID every single day since then. My right hip that I DID have the surgery on didn't even hurt this bad before surgery. 

My husband, kids, and I are going on a mini vacation in 3 weeks, LUCKILY my injection is the day after we return, bc that's a 7 hour carride that I know will kill my left hip.

My right one has been just okay ... I definitely feel outer hip pain, mostly where the top of my it band is. The doctor said I might get that for awhile, and I'm not fully healed until 6-8 months post op. Foam rolling has become my close friend, and actually helps quite a bit!

I'm not sure if I'm just overdoing it at the gym, or what. I was doing the gym exercises given to me at PT about 4x per week, but I cutting back to 3, and only doing the other things 3x per week as well. 2 of each being at PT. But I just can't seem to feel normal right now, since my longer carride last week. 

So today and tomorrow I won't be doing any working out other than riding my bike, which feels weird. In fact, I cut back to 3x per week at the gym, plus the 2x at PT. It doesn't seem like a lot, especially to me, but I still have burned out feelings. But I feel like I need to make due with this schedule to help with healing better. By backing off of working out, which is hard for me.

Which kind of means no more yoga, so I basically just wasted that money by buying a month package. Ugh. But I'd rather waste it than to push myself too much and re injure myself.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


A friend talked me into trying yoga last week ... and there was a package that was for first time guests only, where you can get 1 month unlimited. So I did it, I didn't love it, but is signed up for the package. My main reason was that it's a good stretch, AND I can't really do anything else (besides the lifting I've been doing), so I figured why not?

I have to say, it does help in that if my hip hurts beforehand, I feel better after. 

I probably won't do it after this month is up, but never say never.

My doctor did mention that I could probably start using the elliptical around the 8 week mark, and then start slowllllly running around the 10ish week mark (we are talking, 1 minute on, 1 minute off, etc). 

I might it have a need for yoga after, but I do enjoy it more than I did the first day. 

6 week post op appt

I did my usual trek to columbus to have my 6 week post op appt. I guess we didn't talk much about the surgery other than looking at the x rays, bc my mouth kept going on and on about surgery #2 for my left hip. 

We talked a good bit about possibly doing it in October ... Which would be after my volleyball season ends (I coach), and before my husband starts coaching basketball. That would be 5ish months apart. 

Until then, I'm still doing PT. It's been moved to twice per week bc it's getting more intense, as my PT put it. However, the bad news is, my PT changed jobs, so she I won't be my PT anymore. That makes me really unhappy bc she's been following me and working on me since months before the actual surgery. I feel like the other PT at the office, while I'm sure he's great, doesn't know me and my limitations and how I can push things, and etc. Just really super bummed out. 

So anyways, the doctor ordered me a hip injection for my left hip, and also when I go for my 3 month follow up, I'll get an MRI on the left hip as well. So I guess 2014 is the year of correcting my darn hips! 

Friday, June 13, 2014

New PT schedule

Since I'm now 4 weeks out, I was given a different routine for my PT. Man am I sore today! Mainly my right butt, so I'm going to have to even it out so my left butt doesn't look like a huge difference, ha ha. 

I can now add resistance to the bike to my comfort level. Yesterday I just did 2 bc I don't want to push it right off the bat. I was thinking I'd just move up each couple of times. But actually, I was only doing 4-5 before surgery anyways. 

We also did a lot of strength training exercises. In the gym I did:

Leg adductors
Leg abductors
Leg press (maybe like 75 lbs and it was super easy)
Hamstring curls
The machine you stand up at and do one leg at a time for your butt, and then side.

At PT we did:
Leg lifts- 4 ways (front, side, back, side)
Walk sits
Walking backwards in squat form with a rope
Romanian dead lifts with 5 lb weights
Stair one leg squats (this was hard!)
Bridges lifting one leg up at a time

I was at PT for a good hour, too, maybe even a tad longer (& I went to workout on my own before going to PT, so I was SPENT after that). However, she told me to do the gym exercises one day, and the PT exercises the next, and alternate, that way I'm not killing myself every day. I'm at the gym about 4-5 times per week anyways, so that works for me. 

I didn't do anything yesterday though, bc I was so sore! 

But maybe my legs won't be so jiggly after a month of this, hehe. I feel like you can lose definition FAST on your legs!